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Useful Links
Below are websites related to tipping and consumer information that we've found helpful.

Tipping Related:

Professor Michael Lynn ,who studies consumer behavior at the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, says he usually tips 15-20%.
The Wikipedia page on gratuities and tips.
The Straight Dope on the origns of tipping. They say tipping comes from class-related practices that came over originally from England, although Professor Michael Lynn says the orignins have been lost to time.
Consumer Information:
Consumer Reports is a non-profit organization that tests product quality and provides consumer information advocacy. The problem is, much of the best content on their site is only for paying subscribers.
The Consumer Checkbook is another non-profit consumer information resource, but again, a lot of their content is only for magazine subscribers or costs $15 per article.
The Federal Citizen Information Center, which is part of the US General Services Administration, provides printable handbooks on a variety of situations, like bargaining for a good price on a new car.




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