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How Much Should I Tip for Services?

Rewarding a job well done.

Personal Grooming

Hairstylists 10%-20%, depending on the complexity and level of service
Barber 10%-20%, depending on the complexity and level of service
Manicure or Pedicure 15%
Shoeshine $1-$2
Massage 10%-20%.  Sometimes, there is a basket in the room where you can leave the tip after the massage.

Automotive Help

Typical Services, such as Towing Service, Jump starts, tire changes, towing, or locked doors  None.  Read the results from a recent call to AAA.  


Mover (per person) Tipping is not required, though other firms say that 5% is the industry norm. Read our article about tipping movers or moving companies.
Dog Groomer 15% of the total bill, to be shared.
Furniture or Appliance Delivery Tipping is typically not required or expected for appliance delivery, especially if you've already paid for delivery. Read our article about tipping for appliance delivery.
Flower Deliveries $2-$5
Home cleaning service Not required; nice to give an annual bonus around the holidays or for a good job. Read our articles on tipping for house cleaning service, tipping carpet steam cleaners, and tipping window cleaners.
Plumber Not required or expected. Read our article on tipping plumbers.



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