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Should I Tip a Cleaning Service that Comes to My Home?




Proper Etiquette For a Spotless Home 


According to our research, you don't need to tip after each weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning service, sometimes called maid service.

During a recent conversation with one of the leading residential cleaning service companies, we asked about tipping and were told that tipping was not necessary.

Researching other cleaning firms, we found one company suggested showing your appreciation in some way to build a rapport with your cleaning crew, whether a nice note, a gratuity, or another form of appreciation.

Another firm suggested not giving regular tips, but instead, giving one annual tip around the holidays.

Tips are not normally listed as part of one's compensation in ads for cleaning positions, as it usually is for restaurants. 

Our experience is that crews don't expect regular tips, but they frequently get, and certainly appreciate, a nice bonus of 20-30% during the holiday season. 


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