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Should I tip the cleaners for steam cleaning my carpets?



Etiquette for thanking a steam carpet cleaner

carpet cleaner

Steam cleaning is something you get done only occasionally, and it can be hard work, and a more diligent effort can definitely lead to cleaner, brighter and fresher floors, rugs and carpeted staircases. The question is, should you tip them?

We contacted several cleaners, including the national office for Sears steam cleaning. The answer we get is thattipping is not required, but tips usually can be accepted if the customer chooses to do so.

We recommend that you tip only if you feel that the job was particularly difficult or well-done. Did the cleaner need to run their equipment across staircases and through windows? Did they make an extra effort to do a good job? If you do choose to tip, we've heard that 10-15% would be fairly standard, or $10-$20 for a medium-sized $100-$200 job.

Whether you choose to give a monetary tip or not , we consistently hear that a nice way to show your appreciation for solid work is with a sincere thank you or a note of appreciation.


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