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Should I Tip a Salesperson at a Wedding and Prom Dress Store?




A reader asks, "Is it appropriate to tip a salesperson at a wedding and prom dress shop ?"  

wedding dress

A reader wrote to iTipping that they were delighted with the service provided at a bridal and prom dress store. The salesperson pulled dresses from the shelves and selected matching shoes and accessories, got them ready before they arrived, and provided extra special service at the store. Should they tip the salesperson for such exceptional service?

We asked several bridal and prom dress stores whether tipping is appropriate, and we were told quite clearly that no, it is not.

One manager at a major national chain bridal dress shop told us that bridal dress salespeople already are rewarded for outstanding service by their sales commissions.

When we asked whether we could, in an exceptional circumstance, tip a salesperson, we were told that it was against store policy for salespeople to accept tips.

So if you're extremely pleased with the service you've received, make sure you find the same salesperson whenever you shop at that store, and consider referring friends to the same salesperson.

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